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All of the success - none of the risk!

123insight production management software revolutionises ERP/MRP system selection and implementation, avoiding completely the multiple pitfalls associated with traditional system adoption. A large and rapidly growing customer base testifies to this and covers the full spectrum of manufacturing, from small start-ups to companies with over 800 employees.

60 Second BriefingWith exceptional and continuing success since 2000, award-winning and now widely recognised as a market leader, 123insight outperforms the market and competition.

So what can 123insight do for you?

Unprecedented visibility and control provide operating efficiencies, predictability and facilitate planning for a more successful business with a rapid return on investment.

Implementation is measured in days and weeks, with none of the extended training and consultancy normally associated with a MRP/ERP implementation - just a few days of training and no consultancy.

The 123insight Evaluation Workshop reduces selecting an ERP/MRP system to just 2 ½ hours whilst entirely removing the risk of making a mistake in selection.


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