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60 second briefing on 123insight

60 Second Briefing

All of the success - none of the risk!

123insight production management software for manufacturing revolutionises ERP/MRP system selection and implementation, avoiding completely the multiple pitfalls associated with traditional system adoption. A large and rapidly growing customer base testifies to this and covers the full spectrum of manufacturing, from small start-ups to companies with over 4500 employees.

Attend an Evaluation Workshop - get a free book

Companies attending an Evaluation Workshop can also pick up a free copy of our book 'How to implement a manufacturing system', which details the best practices and pitfalls of implementing any system, not just 123insight. It takes you through ever step; from deciding what you need and how to select a system through to the planning the implementation process, putting the system live and measuring success.

Read our '60-Second Briefing' PDF to find out what makes us different.