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123insight CRM+ will redefine your expectations for crm and take you to a new level in managing the whole of your business and manufacturing operations in a way that you may not have foreseen.

CRM+ is an integral and essential efficiency tool for all areas within a manufacturing enterprise and the staff within each department.

At the heart of 123 Insight's CRM+ we have incorporated a 'workflow' capability to support, manage and drive your business forward, increasing your efficiency at every opportunity.

As a manufacturer, you'll be pleased to know that this option has been entirely designed for manufacturers through an extensive consultation process with our customers, which now provides you with a comprehensive company-wide business systems capability that gives you yet another level of visibility and control.

What do you get with 123insight CRM+?

CRM Customer Relationship Management
This is the standard crm capabilities that you would expect . . . managing and staying in touch with customers, progressing and converting quotes to sales orders.

In short . . . it's all about getting more business!

Staying in touch with your customers will not only mean keeping records of all conversations but in fact any form of communication including emails, mailshots and the like. Access to this information is quick and easy to give you a real edge over your rivals.

Being able to record and maintain up to date information about your customers and the contacts within your customer is essential . . . e.g. Google Maps locations plus business and social media networks that your customers use, are proving more and more beneficial in today's world.

SRM Supplier Relationship Management
In many ways, the management of suppliers using CRM+ is a mirror image to that of the customer relationship management.

From a Purchasing / Supply Chain perspective, there's just as much of a requirement for regular communications and staying in touch with your suppliers too.

New products, components, raw materials, price negotiations, compliance issues, supplier audits to complete etc., all need managing along with all contacts, supplier account managers, potential suppliers and all of the various forms of communication.

Internal Communications
Making sure that the various left and right hands with your business do actually connect when they should can at times be a headache!

But by using CRM+ to set simple actions which you assign to colleagues or departments, nothing is left to chance or forgotten. Furthermore, the system also provides the facility of 'notes' - another simple yet effective means of communicating information wherever needed in a quick and efficient way. Everyone knows what's going on.

Workflow Control
You can use CRM+ to manage any business process, so that everyone knows what they need to do and by when they need to do it.

Because the system also provides complete visibility of the current status of all business processes, any delays or overdue activities are easily spotted giving you the best possible opportunity to get back on track.

To give you just a few examples of typical day to day processes that can be managed through CRM+

Contract Review
New Product Introduction
Supplier Audit
Complex / Technical Sales Opportunities

In fact, any business process that you could draw as a flowchart can be applied and used in CRM+

Equipment Catalogue
This is a very useful little extra in CRM+ for companies who need to keep track of equipment or plant, providing the means to direct or target some sales or service effort.

Depending on the nature of the equipment itself, you may have some very specific information that you need to record and to which customer the equipment is associated or linked.

With CRM+, you have total flexibility of creating, in effect, your own database with your own special fields!

Because each of these fields that you have created then become a 'search' field you can now start to see the power of the equipment register.

Project Control
For any project or contract based manufacturer CRM+ is a powerful tool when it comes to visibility and the current status of a project - quite literally, it ties it all together for you in one convenient place.

Everything and anything to do with a project - actions, activities, processes, quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, works orders and purchase requisitions . . . all of these are tied into the project.

Quality Control
Adherence to ISO standards and the ability to prove it when required can at times seem daunting. CRM+ provides the framework to add the extra layer of certainty as far as compliance is concerned.

Many customers have 123insight at the very core of their QC procedures and reflected in the associated documentation.

Some have reported that ISO audits that used to take two days are completed in two hours because everything is so instantly accessible from the system.

Training is just a 1-day Masterclass
123insight CRM+ option is 20% of the core system monthly subscription

CRM+ Training Dates

Take the risk free 123insight approach. Attend an Evaluation Workshop and then attend a one day training course.

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