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123insight helps the environment!

Traditional MRP/ERP system selling, installing and supporting is a highly labour intensive business. Large numbers of people always on the road - to meet prospecting activity targets (75% of it typically with no useful outcome), multiple visits, on-site software demonstrations and existing customer reference visits.

Once a sale has been made, the installation 'army' takes over, meaning weeks and months (even years!) of system configuration, consultancy, training and start up support. After that, continuing service and support, much of it on site, represents an enduring commitment to major energy consumption.

123insight, by contrast, is incredibly environmentally efficient. Evaluation Workshop attendance eliminates most of the traditional pre-sales energy consumption (4 out of 5 workshop attendees even stop looking altogether at alternative systems).

Self-sufficiency and minimal post-sales support requirements mean this efficiency also carries over into the installation and long-term usage phases.

What this all boils down to is that the 123insight business model is about 30 times more energy efficient than traditional supply - meaning 97% less energy consumption to achieve the same result!

This is made possible simply because of the way we do business, imposing minimum energy consumption burden on 123insight prospects and users as well as on us - rated by the independent Best Green Companies organisers as a 'fantastic achievement'.












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