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123 Insight MRP software

MRP/ERP/CRM manufacturing enterprise management software.

01489 860851

MRP demo movies

Simple, efficient, risk-free MRP/ERP software.

Try the no-obligation, no-risk, three-step process to evaluating 123insight.

MRP implementation bookAttend an Evaluation Workshop - pick up a free book.

Attend one of our local Evaluation Workshop events held across the UK each month and pick up your free copy of 'How to implement a manufacturing system'. It's essentially a template to help you evaluate, implement and measure the success of any manufacturing system.

See dates and locations Find out more about your free book

Free MRP Demo Evaluation Workshop

1. Free Evaluation Workshop.

Free 2½ hour Evaluation Workshop hosted around the UK tells you everything about our MRP/ERP software and our unique business proposition.

Over 70% of companies only look at 123insight.

MRP Training

2. No Obligation Training.

Just six days of training covers the core system, with no risk. Book now, and if it doesn't work for you, walk away with nothing to pay.

88% of companies stop looking after attending an Evaluation Workshop.

SubscriptionMRP software

3. Flexible Monthly Subscription.

Get your system live within weeks, with no costly consultancy but with all the help you need. Request free access to the demo movies.

99% of those that attend 'no obligation' training become customers.

That's all there is to it... And it only works for us if it works for you.

We offer a unique award-winning MRP/ERP system for just about any type or size of manufacturing.

Effective production management, or MRP software, is critical for successful manufacturing. Spreadsheets, databases and other methods may work for a while but in the end only a full manufacturing system will do. Implementing a traditional system is often a risky and disruptive process, with failure not uncommon and heavy financial costs simply written off.

Why 123insight is so successful:

123insight quickly delivers its outstanding benefits through complete user understanding, rapid training and implementation. Minimal supplier dependency and a rolling monthly subscription without the upfront costs that can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds for traditional ERP/MRP software complete the picture. Obtaining the system is also unique - short Evaluation Workshops held around the UK cover the product in detail and allow you to answer all the questions you need to move forward. Full system training (just 6 days) is offered without obligation followed by straightforward, uncomplicated implementation often measured in weeks.

Industry White Papers

Best MRP for accounts software

As a company that has helped hundreds of businesses to implement MRP/ERP we have compiled a series of free white papers to help educate and demystify in equal measures.

Here, we publish some of our white papers, on subjects such as choosing the right accounting system for your manufacturing system, the 7 reasons why ERP systems fail and MRP versus ERP.

More White Papers

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