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The Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a safe and secure method of passing data into 123insight from 3rd party software and systems – so that you do not have to write directly to our databases.

It provides a common “gateway” that minimises change which means that you can be confident that any 3rd party links that you build which push data into 123insight will rarely need to be reworked when you apply upgrades.

The kit consists of a suite of SQL Stored Procedures and comprenhensive supporting documentation (covering the expected parameters and error handling) that a systems developer can use when linking their application to 123insight.

The SDKs allow you to safely feed information into all of the main areas of 123insight. As there are too many to list them all, the following summarises just some of the key areas that are available:


  • Adding and updating Companies and key Company details
  • Adding and updating Projects


  • Adding and updating Purchase Orders
  • Adding, updating and approving Purchase Requisitions


  • Adding and updating Sales Orders
  • Adding and updating Quotations


  • Adding Parts
  • Adding Routings and Bills of Materials


  • Adding Works Orders
  • Adding Works Order Routings and Bills of Materials


  • Despatch and Booking Goods In 
  • All stock check controls
  • Issuing Components to Works Order and Works Order receipt

Shop Floor

  • Booking Operations
  • Inputting test results (for serial numbers)


  • Adding Sales Invoices and Credits
  • Matching Purchase Invoices

Cost per month: Rs4000

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