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123insight System Requirements

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Depending on the number of users either SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server Express is used as 123insight's underlying database engine.

123insight is designed to be installed by end users without the need for technical intervention, providing that a correctly configured network and infrastructure is in place.

These guidelines are now split into 2 sections: SQL Express (for up to 5 users) and SQL Server

1. SQL Express
The minimum recommended specification for either a stand alone workstation running SQL Express or one that participates in a client/server scenario is as follows:

Pentium Processor
512Mb of RAM (or 1GB for Windows Vista)
Windows Vista, XP or 2000
1Gb of free Hard Disk space
CD-ROM drive
SVGA Monitor (or better) running at 1024x768 resolution (17" or above recommended)
Access to email

2. Networked solutions for multiple users - using SQL Server
123insight may only be run as a multi user SQL application on a Windows 2000 server or Windows 2003 server. Active Directory should be used.
In this environment each workstation runs the application locally and the server acts as the central data repository

Please refer to the Microsoft web site for recommended hardware specifications for running Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 Server and SQL Server 2005/Express.

Workstation specification will be as per the workstation listed in section 1.

On the server you should allow secure Remote Desktop Client access for us to facilitate support.

Windows 2000/2003 Server should not be installed by anyone who does not fully understand the complexities of Active Directory and SQL Server.

Please note: We not provide hardware or operating systems as described above, nor do we support hardware or operating systems.



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